About Us Group Introduction

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Samsam Corporation contributes to society by organizing various businesses such as general construction, environmental business, and leisure business with the ideology of "Grow into a company that practices environmental conservation through recycling of resources."

In this century, corporate expertise is not just a single field, but a comprehensive yet diverse age of technology.

In 2018, our company, which has 35 years of history, consists of nine groups of companies, including various specialized construction and special heavy equipment rental and trading through long-standing know-how, as well as construction waste recycling business, but we are pursuing changes toward a better future through continuous research and technology development without being complacent.

In addition, Samsam Countryclub, located in Chukdong-myeon, Sacheon, is an eco-friendly golf course based on its natural harmony and topographical features, and offers the best pleasure to help customers who are tired from their complex urban lives with the relaxing golf field experience.

Samsam Corporation will develop ourselves by pursuing our continuous technical skills and a thorough service spirit.

Thank you.

Corporate Philosophy

Through environmental friendly business and return of corporate profits to society,
Samsam grows up as a local company that serves.

Corporate Spirit

  • Cooperative
  • Creativity
  • Faith

Core Value

  • Improving Technological Competitiveness
  • Reliable Construction Management
  • Completion of Social Responsibility

Business Field

  • Construction

    We carry out the complete design and construction management of each field, including civil engineering, building construction and landscape architecture.

    • 삼삼종합건설(주)
    • 삼삼산업개발(주)
    • 삼삼종합중기(주)
  • Environmental

    Through technology development and quality control, we produce quality recycled aggregate and wood chips to contribute to environmental protection.

    • 삼삼환경(주)
    • 코데코(주)
    • 흥창환경
  • Leisure

    Samsam Countryclub is the popular public golf club in Sacheon. We provide reasonable prices and high quality golf courses. We wish all the guests to come and return with happy memories in SAMSAM.

    • 삼삼컨트리클럽
    • 지리산수목원
  • Trade

    Samsam Trade, which imports and sells special environmental equipment, puts customers first with excellent quality and thorough follow-up management.

    • 그린웨이브(주)