Products UENOTEX

Uenotex is a multi-purpose shredders brand, specialized in plastic crushing.

Feature 1/ Original Cutting system

The crushing system of the UC series uses the principle of scissors to set the fixed blade at an angle. Because of this, the edge of the rotating blade starts to mesh with the fixed blade, the blade work efficiently and the impact of crushing can be mitigated.

Feature2 / High Efficiency
  1. To increase shredding efficiency, Hydraulic pusher speed and pressure are automatically controlled according to objects to be processed, shredding size and condition.
  2. Several types of screens are available for various materials and shredding size.
Feature3 / All-Japanese product, own manufacture

We ourselves do all of work including design, development, machining, electrical control, sheet metal processing, assembling and machine installation.

  1. We are machining frames and rotors in our company.
  2. We also have electrical control, development of automatic control program, design, production of control panel.
  3. We also manufacture rotary blades and fixed blade blades.

Feature4 / Easy Maintenance

Plastic waste / Flexible containers / FRP products / Plastic seats / Plastic pipes /  Plastic containers / PP bands / Wiring boards /
Car bumper / Tire /  Fishing net / Wood waste / Wood palette / Paper

Shredderable Item List

Make it easy to rotate and exchange, because the rotary blade is fixed by only one bolt.
If equipped with an optional screen lift, the screen can be replaced easily.

*It is standard equipment for UC-130 and above.

UC Series/ Option

Mechanism of Shredder
It is shredded according to the rotating blade installed on the rotating rotor of the shredder and the fixed blade installed on the main body.
The shredded material is discharged from the bottom of the main body through the screen installed in the main body.
Shredded material that can not pass through the screen are refolded until they reach a size that can pass through the screen. In addition, the crushed material is crushed by the pusher and is crushed stably.

UC Series/ Safety Device

Overload detection sensor
When an overload is applied to the shredder due to foreign substances, the sensor operates and stops the shredder.

Temperature Senser
Always check that the processed material after shredding does not reach abnormal temperature.

Spark Detector
It detects when a fire occurs due to sparks or the like when the foreign object (metal) is broken.

UC Series


Rotor diameter
Rotor width
Rotor Speed
UC-110 110 □40 54 (81) 450 1,550 90 3.0*3.5*3.8 0.9-3.5 1.6*2.2 15,000
UC-130 132 □60 44 (66) 470 1,800 85 3.3*3.7*4.1 0.9-3.1 1.9*2.3 18,000
UC-160 160 □60 66 (44) 470 1,800 85 3.3*3.7*4.1 0.9-3.1 1.9*2.3 19,000

*The specifications and dimensions of this equipment are subject to change without notice for improvement.
*Sizes, rotor-knife pieces, rotor speed and knife’s shapes could be changed through consultation.

UCH Series


MODEL Rotor speed Rotor width
Rotor diameter
Rotor-knife size(mm) Rotor-knife Pieces Size (mm) Engine output
Running Speed((km/h) Climbing capacity(deg)
UC-75 110 1300 ø400 □40 23/46 9560 4010 2970 103/1900 2.1 20
UC-110 85 1530 ø500 □60 36 9820 3180 (4160) 3170 125/2050 2.1 20